måndag 22 november 2010

A new era ... WOW

So here it is, my new old blogg. I sayed that I was going to go over to english and how true that was. It has become a necessity for me now really, because of modeling class i've am in. Not only have we learnd how to walk as many think it is about, but as well how to do a blogg!! I was having my blogg but not compleatly as they teached us, so I will need to rearrange it a bit. I have made some small adjustments already, but there will come more as soon as I have more time for it again.
It has been a couple of weeks now with hard work; classes, events, homework, etc etc!! Jiiisss ... so much. And much of those things I didnt have any clue. So from now my life here in SL will be some what easier too ... LOL

OK, so, to begin with, some background informatin of myself. I have change my style again. And that is not so hard to understand. There are so many shops with so many nice outfits and clothes. I have had to buy myself a whole new wardrobe ... wow it has been costly though! But what can a girl do with all those nice tings!!!
And all those poses ... jiiisss ... I love those, have always liked to pose ... so as soon as I find some new ones that are cool or stylish I just have to have them!!!

My life has indeed changed a lot you could say what comes to finding my place here in SL. I should have known that from the beginning though ... LOL ... because I have always wanted to look nice and sexy and have been awfully picky in choosing everything I wanted to wear! So problem solved, I have found my niche!!! Yayyy

My life has changed in one more aspect as well. As I have wrote before, I have finaly found my partner, THE man! It has been a rough time for both of us during my classes and stuff. We hav not been able to be toether as much as we have wanted. But our love to each other has helped us and now we are going to be married! YES we are!!! So that is our next "project" to get the whole wedding arrangement done. But it will be the 3rd of December at noon. I cant hardly wait until I'm going to be his wife. I'm soo happy, life couldnt be better or what do you think?!!

Now I have written enough for this time I think,so I will just give you a bunch of pictures from the weeks that has passed. First of all some pics of me and my private life so to speak. After that of my classmates, a awesome bunch of girls. We have had sutch a fun together. I will miss these classes with them, truely. Love you all ... huggs!! And all of our teachers ... yayyy .. they are so good and so dedicated to their work. Couldnt find it any better really. And many of them have become close friends to me for life I think and hope.

Adnan and me at the church


And here are pics from different events, and I do mean different, but mostly they are of those awesome people I have met. I will begin however with some pictures of winners ...
So please just look at them, scroll down. And next time I promise that I will not have this much text nor pics. Promise!!!!














And this was all for now. There will come more as always. Dont know when or what but it will. So as I use to say ... be careful out there with each other, think of what you do or say. Behind every avatar is a real pearson with feelings!!! TC to next time and have fun ... I certainly will ...

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  1. Thanks for sharing! TXS!

    But please make the pictures bigger! You have an option for that - small, medium or large.

    Keep on blogging, keep on sharing!


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