lördag 1 januari 2011

Some pictures from graduation and forward

I'm so sorry about this! I just dont have had time to do anything about my blogg, and when I had Explorer did not want me to do it .. gaaaah!! So here are now lots and lots of pic's I had waiting to be published.
These two first are from my graduating day before the big event. We are wearing our piratoutfits, wow, as a part of Debbies pirategroup!

So here we are, December graduates in our pinc dresses! What a bunch of nerveus girls! But all did go as it was ment to and we got our certificates. After all our hard work this day was the highlight.
Now these two pics are from one of the big finales of the contests we have always ongoing. I usually dont take pictures during them because of the bad lagg it's always causes ( you know, lots of people and so on ) but I just had to take these. It is Didier Rascon and I just loved to see him do this act! It was awesom!!! To change the outfit in the middle of everything,

Gaaah, what a big hair. We were actually afraid that she was going to be stucked in the entrance to the stage at first...lol...but she made it. Styling Aprohair, that what this was about.

OK, and now to the next styling. Let me introduce to you ... tadaa... Punck!! Great or what !?!

And here we are gathered for a group picture for Sage. What a nice looking dresses, just awesom.

So now you have seen a little bit of what I have been doing. But there has been so mutch more all the time, and time for photos ... naaa ...not that much!

There will be more as I use to say so just hang on. I'll be back with more, and see you out there. TC and be nice!

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