måndag 7 februari 2011

Miss Sexiest ... yaayyyy

I made it!!! I really made it ... I'm happy, I'm tierd, I'm shocked. What can I say. So ppl, take a look, I will be commenting it later when I know what to say ... lol

Aaaawww ... I'm so overwhelmed and in a state of shock! I can't even to begin to express my feelings to everyone. When they announced the winner, I couldn't believe it! Each time they announced another "runner up" I would look for my name, thinking that's going to be me, but the awards kept going to other contestants. Next thing I knew I was in the final three, then the final two and then my name lit up the sky! The feeling, it's so hard to describe! I'm so honored to become a CWS crown winner. It will keep me going onto further achievements. All of my hard work has finally paid off. Yaaayyy! It truly has been a hard journey, but so much fun, practice and all.

A personal message to Anrol and Steve, what can I say? You two are the best! Simply the Best! I certainly wouldn't have become the model I am without the constant support from you both .To all of my fellow contestants, you were so wonderful and everone looked awesome! Stacking myself up against such company and that level of competition, I felt more odd and different than I had in the past. I have to thank all my trainers at CWS, without you and all of your guidance, I surely wouldn't have come this far. Without you, I wouldn't have had the confidence to approach the runway like I do and doing "my thing." Special gratitude goes out to all of my friends and fellow models......but especially Pink, my very best friend! You always think so much of me; you're always there to support me and yes, sometimes there to kick my ass(ooops!) into shape when I want to give up. Love you girl! Last but never least.....Adnan, my always so supportive and understanding husband! Without you and your love I couldn't have done any of this! I love you so very much. Once more thank you all, I'm still so shocked and trying not to melt down and cry:)

This is how i feel today ... and tomorrow ....

I will be back as always, so until then take care and be careful with each other. Kisses all, and I love you all

4 kommentarer:

  1. Way to go and congratulations sweet Pirkka!

    Biggest hugs, my friend!

  2. Congrats Pirkka!

    More pics at my blogg - alla by Pirkka!

    Plus a movie!


    HUGS!/Tina (PG)

  3. To my lovely Wife, I am so proud of what you have accomplished. To you a special treat.. as always..

    Congrats my lovely Pirkka.

    With Deepest Love

    Adnan - your husband...